Chachoengsao: Reclining Ganesha and many other Wonders

мышь охранник ганеши

Only 100 km from Pattaya in the direction of Bangkok (you only have to go left of the BKK route) there is both a province and a city with a tricky name Chachoengsao. The number of landmarks is amazing there! When you get to this place you only wish the day was 10 hours longer – too many places to go and wonders to see! Farangs haven’t discovered them yet, we were the only white persons there literally – so Chachoengsao is a really Hidden Gem for us. Many thanks to my student of Russian language Narisara for  her recommendation to go there! 😍

Here is the list of main must-visit places in Chachoengsao:
1. Wat Saman (its full name is longer) – a real Buddhist Disneyland, indeed!  There is a pink reclining Ganesha here, many-faced deity,  a wonderful Chinese shrine, a huge floating lotus, and many-many more attractions that will keep you in this place won’t let you leave fast;
2. Wat Sothon (full name is much longer) – fab! There is a real pilgrimage here – Thais believe this is a very special place where Buddha hears all your wishes and makes them come true;
3. Old market – include it in your bucket list! A real Rare Gem of Chachoengsao!
4. Golden and Silver Temples -no comment
5. Monastery where one of the monks is a seaman (for a change, why not?). Many Thai men during the period of 1 year mourning for their passed away beloved Rama IX left their jobs and went to the monasteries and temples to serve as monks for 3/6 months.
6.Birds Park (a paradise for birds-lovers!)
7. Standing Ganesha (40 m tall – the tallest in Thailand!)
8. Markets along the roads (it’s where you get to know what real prices are!)
That’ll do for the text, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the photos as I did while taking them in Chachoengsao. Kiss-kiss, baci-baci!

Reclining Pink Ganesha

лежащий ганеша

Multi-faced Deity

многоголовый шива

Chinese Shrine

китайский храм

Chinese Deity – a White Woman

белая статуя

An Ancient Temple

древний храм

A replica of the Golden Rock in Myanmar

золотая скала

if you whisper your wish into the ear of one of the Mice guarding reclining Ganesha it will come true for sure!

женшина загадывает желание

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