Who early gets up that god moves: 7 moves of a great day out to the south of Pattaya

Buddha Mountain Pattaya

We got up early and went on a day out to the south of Pattaya. There are so many things to see and do there that one day is too short to cover them all, but everyone can create their own unique route to fix it later in the memories and photos. Here are ours!

The first stop could be Pattaya Floating Market – it’s just 10 minutes drive along Sukhumvit Road from Thappraya road, but it’s not our choice today: too many noisy Chinese there, let them enjoy themselves without our company. We are moving further, south is calling!


Move#1 – Loving!  It’s Love Art Park – the best place to come in the early morning! To get there move along Sukhumvit, turn left then, and again – left. There is a problem with signs as always here, Google Maps will help you! This sculpture is the most innocent of the entire Park collection. I won’t post the photos of the rest of the figures just to keep the intrigue!


Move #2 – A Test for the Vestibular! If you are seasick, you better miss this destination too. A new attraction close to Buddha on the Rock – an Upside Down House! They’d better pay to the visitors for this dizzy fun instead of charging 300 baht per a ticket! You start getting dizzy while approaching the tuck-tuck hanging upside down on the post in front of the House…


…standing on its own roof!… Women suffer from seasickness more often than men by the way. We all are Princesses!


The biggest fun starts inside the house! You become shaky right from the doorstep; the sensations are very close to the ones I experienced while climbing inside Pisa Leaning Tower. The effect of deviation from the earth’s axis never fails! All furniture and things are fixed on the house ceiling and it makes your nausea stronger!


The best way of moving around the house was on all fours; when we needed to stand up we had to hold on the walls. There was a staff there, a young girl who followed us on all its floors, with no signs of dizziness in her face and motions! No doubt she is the best candidate to become a first astronaut of Thailand…


The toilet in the yard of the Upside Down House is all awry too… In the end we left this unforgettable place treading heavily and swaying like two drinking companions… It was too much fun for the start, indeed!


Move#3 – Famous one! 130 m high Buddha image carved out of the rock and unlaid with gold leaf. It was a relief after that Torturing House – light breeze, peaceful airs… and everything was even, not shaky!!

Like is amazing: during Vietnamese War this rock was a mine: Thais used its stones at U-Tapao airport which was the US military base. After working for war the Rock now is the symbol of the most peaceful religion – Buddhism..


Move#4 – Winy one! A Must-See destination in the south of Pattaya – Silver Lake Vineyard! Just another 3 minutes drive from the Buddha on the Rock. It’s the first private vinery in the south-east of Thailand whose owner is also famous for his wife – one of the most popular actresses of the country. The views are fabulous here – a Mix of Tuscany and Burgundy!


Tour packages around the vinery on mini-cars are offered, with or without wine tasting. And I was happy to see for the first time in my life flowers developed into berries – young grapes, little kids..


Renaissance Fountain


To be quite honest about it, the wine from this vinery still leaves much to be desired – tropics are not the best place for grapes growing. But grape jams, jellies, pies with grape filling sold here are beyond praise!


Move#5 –Astray   After getting back to Sukhumvit we felt hungry and decided to have lunch in Bang Saray, famous for its seafood restaurants on piles. But we took the turn to the sea before our destination and got lost a little. The reward was fantastic! We discovered a mini-port with stunningly colorful fishing boats!


Yes, we spied on a little! Girls can peep on guys too!


Keep your balance, Buddy! (We’ve known how important it is, after Upside Down House experience!)


This Anchor was worth getting lost!


The Old Bike Installation – too!


And we played paparazzi there! We noticed that couple when were sitting back in the car, ready to leave the place… Love is for all ages, indeed!…


Move#6 – Yummy! Viva, Ban Saray! We chose the restaurant in front of this gorgeous temple


The view that matches the cuisine


And I won’t say a word about its cuisine because it immediately makes my mouth water. There is another view with a clock and Pattaya on the horizon instead


Freshes are fabulous there! It was my second one!


Move#7, final – Surprising!  Full of food and impressions we were driving back to Pattaya and met this Moveable Samurai / Thai Ice Cream Seller at the Ambassador Hotel on Sukhumvit Road. He sought fame and he got it! He made our bright day shine brighter, too!


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