About Me

Hello everyone, I am happy to see you on blondiary.com! My name is Elena, I am Russian, a TEFL teacher, interpreter, translator, writer. In 2010 I decided to change my life and moved to Thailand.

My first two years in the Land of Smiles were quite tough: I had to change my habits and stereotypes the way a snake changes its skin. And I’ve got a great experience as a bonus! I discovered different, a 3D Thailand; each of its dimensions is amazing, controversial and cool!

Why «Blondiary»? First, I am blonde. Second, my diary is a proof that Blondes have a special view of this world!

My blog is neither about quick vacations nor for a package tourist. My look at Thailand (and other countries which I visit) is a look of an insider. My stories are custom-made for a demanding traveler, who wants to know more than it’s written in the guide book.

That is why Blondiary is not a secret diary of a girl: peeping into it is welcome!

All your comments are welcome too, and I guarantee my answers to any questions!

Extra facts about me:

1. I am left-handed. It explains my slightly illogical and peculiar way of thinking.

2. Thai language is still an uphill battle for me, but hope dies last!

3. I am allergic to herbs, so many of Thai herbal cosmetics are not for me; but I can be a great tester on hypoallergenicity of products!

4. I don’t eat spicy food: mai phed! This is not a reason to starve here – Thailand is a Gastronomic Paradise!

I have a bobtail cat Wasabi from Kurile Islands. He is irresistible – everyone adores him! As a real Thai he has a nickname – Vasen’ka.