Bangkok Outlets – Real ones!

I am giving away all passwords and addresses of Bangkok outlets! I have every right to do this as I’ve discovered them and walked them all on my tiny, 36 size feet.
Believe it or not, but there are real outlets in Bangkok – the ones which cause thrill in real choppers: European brands are sold there, not only sports and Thai clothing companies, like in Pattaya Outlet Mall at Thepprasit – Sukhuvit intersection.
Just don’t expect too much from them, they can’t be compared with the luxury of Rome, Florence, Shanghai and Dubai Outlets! Thais are still at the beginning of this glorious path – if they ever will advance on it! So we’ll have only appreciate and enjoy what we have.
I have checked ALL Bangkok outlets, found 90% of them unworthy. Only 3 I left as my regular outlets, which I recommend my friends and bring my close ones to. This TROIKA is for you, too!

OUTLET ONE – Bangkok Fashion Outlet. It’s near BTS station Surasak, Silom line. Take Exit 1, look around and move to the nearest roads intersection. There turn right and walk straight for a while. The Bangkok Fashion Outlet will be on your right hand side, slightly inward, not at the road. There are many buses with Chinese tourist there, so you won’t miss it! The photo of Bangkok Fashion Outlet is the featured image of this story.
It opens at 11am so don’t rush there too early like I did one day and had to sit in the café at its entrance and drink tasteless coffee waiting for its opening hour. I have got several favovite shops on the first floor and only one – on the second. I won’t impose them on you – you’ll definitely find there what suits your personal taste! Look at the photos with the captions following – there are some extra details, too.

Such a promising poster at the entrance of Bangkok Fashion Outlet!

The Discreet Charm of Red Valentino and Moschino

As well as Armani Jeans and many other brands including almost all Thai ones at really 90% discounts. And there are a lot of clothes for men, too!

A great choice of Mango clothes on the second floor; they are from previous years collections and you can find some nice models – when Mango was worth buying


OUTLET TWO – Amarin. It’s well known to many, situated in the very “shopping heart” of Bangkok, near Siam Paragon. This is a white airy building at Chidlom BTS station; you can walk there as well from Siam, just follow the signs.
Actually Amarin is not at the top of my list of BKK outlets, though I bought my Salsa shoes and even a skirt and a dress at Elle shop there. By the way there is a very big Jaspal outlet shop there – with mountains of clothes! – a real fun for Jaspal lovers! Amarin is peculiar for its being always on the move – shops disappear, change location, new outlets open. Enjoy your hunt there!

Amarin! Was opened in faraway 1986

The shop of dresses in Amarin is worth checking

OUTLET THREE – the latest discovered and the most thrilling for me because my favorite Max Mara, Max@Co, Coach are sold there together with some other not less attractive brands. They all are available at up to 90% discounts in a small shop in the luxurious The Emporium mall, which is at Phrom Phong BTS station (Sukhumvit Line), direct access. When you are inside, walk around the floor you’ve entered and search for the shop window with the names of the brands I mentioned above. The last photo following this story is the picture of what you need to find. Hope you’ll enjoy yourselves there! The only disadvantage is the sizes: 46 is the biggest one.
There is a famous Paul café on the same floor – a piece of France in Bangkok. When you are over with your shopping, you can celebrate it there. Have happy shopping!

This is  you’ve got to look for! Enjoy your Quest and be lucky with your shopping!

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