A little of the intimate: Bangkok Terminal 21 expands the horizons of toilet aesthetics

Terminal 21

Why there are many nice words for toilet in English language (restroom, shower room, water closet, etc) and in Russian there are only two – «tualet” and “ubornaya” while the rest of the terms are too slang?  Language and thinking always go together…

Thailand is the country of many and clean toilets (“hon naam” – “room with water” in Thai language), you’ll never be left alone with your trouble here.  Terminal 21 – a shopping mall on Asok BTS Station – stands out from the rest of Bangkok malls by its huge Oscar figure and.., fabulous designs of its “rooms with water”. I have checked them all, from top to ground, and really enjoyed myself. Toilet as an art object – it’s cool!

Giant Oscar of Terminal 21 and his Maid


Escalators will move you up


A little higher


And here we are at last! Toilet as a Vessel.


Anchor for Landing


A new word in toilets design – Bread!


Will you share the Recipe?


This toilet design has become my favorite one


Bread is everywhere…


A floor below: oh those unforgettable Turkey Nights!


Turkish Hammam, isn’t it?



With isolated asylums


Another floor down: Metro Station


With the illusion of the trains rattling over your head


Another floor down: Konnichiwa, Japan!


Designers have done their best here!


Kimono is required here!


Soul-searching cabins


I wonder what these inscriptions are about?


Another floor down: Ciao, Roma!


Roman Baths, not less!


The style is to the last detail


The statue at the exit door greets your relaxation


Almost down: Aloha, Hawaii!


The colors call for surfing!


Time for Reggae Music!


Ground Floor Toilet: Travelling starts here!


Terminal 21 toilets  are for “Tom, Dick and Harry”! Let the restrooms be always with us


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