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Wedding for Thais is an important and costly event. My first teacher of Thai language – and the best one so far! – got married yesterday.  I love this kind, beautiful and strong tiny girl a lot!  Here are the photos and my comments about some rituals and tradition of this ceremony that my Thai friend Poi and Beam herself shared with me.

The first and the main part of Thai Wedding is the Buddhist ceremony, held by monks. Only family and closest friends are invited there; it usually starts in the early morning and lasts several hours. Thus Beam and Peter got up yesterday at 4am to be ready for this ritual. And they had a very long day yesterday!

The second part of the Thai wedding looks similar to European wedding parties: a dinner with numerous guests. But some details differ from our traditions. There is a table at the restaurant entrance, where arriving guests leave their presents and put envelopes with the money into the box. No one gives them personally to the bride and the groom.

There is an amazing tradition: everything that is given to the bride and groom as a wedding gift, must be divisible by 2: an even sum of money, an even number of things. The explanation is easy – they are two: a bride and a groom.

Not every Thai bride takes her husband’s surname. Beam left her maiden name.

Thai wedding party always has a bigwig guest. He holds an important ritual there: gives the newlywed beautiful garlands and speaks the words of encouragement. VIP guest of Beam and Peter was a police general, who sang a police anthem after his speech. And turned out to be a good singer!

Wedding cake is cut with a huge sable! And the first piece of it is given to the parents of the newlyweds

A very sensual ritual finishes Thai wedding, and I like a lot! When the party is over, the newlyweds go back home together with a married couple. It must be a loving and happy one! At home they all enter the bride’s and groom’s bedroom, and this couple lies down on their bed for a minute or two. This way they transfer the vibes of their strong and long-lasting love to the newlyweds. An amazing tradition!

Regardless of whether they had a “lying on bed” ritual yesterday or not, I wish that none of them ever regret about the decision they’ve taken! Be happy, Beam and Peter!


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