Cake as Art: Lin Sweet Fair in Bangkok

Live with it now, Lena! How can I eat normal cakes from bakery shops after what I’ve seen at the sweetest fair of 2017 year?? Cake as art and this is not a hyperbole  – a show organized by Lin Sugar Thailand took place in Siam Paragon shopping mall in Bangkok on the first weekend of December. I was lucky to find myself there and take some pictures.

Let’s start with this one. The gorgeous tail of this peacock is eatable because made of sugar fondant

The cakes I’d seen before only in Hollywood blockbusters and been sure they all had been made of cardboard astonished me in real and now I know – they exist! Like this diva’s corset from a cabaret:

Lin Sugar Thailand is the association of chefs creating cakes with fondants. Several times a year they gather for sweet fairs that prove the fact that cake as art is not a myth but the most realistic reality. Here I also learnt about dozens of fondants which help create such masterpieces. A whole world opened up to me!

Professional creators of dolce vita and those who are still learning to become magicians showed off their talents to impress the audience, and the event was crowded with the spectators and press. Each cake as art  – and everyone is dazzled by diversity!

Here is my favorite Halloween theme:

And of course we can’t do without Santa Clause in December

Professional chefs – best of the best – demonstrated their class and the participants could enjoy the fondant workshops. The fondants producers displayed their products for our taste buds satisfaction. The visual receptors experienced shock meanwhile. What should we do with this Queen of the Nile for example? To worship as a deity or bite piece by piece from her divine body?

The smell of vanilla and fruit enveloped all this splendor, but was not thick and strong. It was delicate and sophisticated. And inviting…

How do you find this floral chandelier by the way?

The fondant cake gold winner of the world’s cake contest was also exhibited there. Actually it caused some confusion. It rather looked like Lego game “Do a piece of Thailand yourself”… But winners are not judged!

Silver winner also exploited the oriental theme – dragons!

And bronze medal went to this fairy tail girl from Thai epos under the title “Heroines of Literatures”

I wish each of you to get at least once in your life such cake like the ones from the Lin Sweet fair. Enjoy your day, dear sweet tooth!

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