Floral commitment to their beloved passed away King


Thais believe that the late King’s soul has stayed with them all this year. Today, on the 26th, October, 2560 in Buddhist Era it’s time for it to leave its people – today is the day of Rama IX body cremation.

The world’s longest floral tunnel has been built in Pak Klong Market – the oldest flower market in Bangkok, which is next to the Temple of Reclining Buddha – Wat Pho. All their love and commitment to the deceased King Thais expressed through the flowers – they are amazing florists! At night time they change the flowers for fresh ones. They will disassemble the tunnel after 27th, October. My photos here are just a faint reflection of the tunnel’s stunning beauty in real. People pass through several stations, representing symbols, important for Thai people: the flag of Thailand, lotus flowers – the symbol of Buddhism and purity, yellow daffodils – the King’s flowers and reach the final station: white elephants in the airy foam of white flowers. This is the image of Heaven.

But I’d like to say about some other, very important things too. Hundreds, thousands of people are going through the tunnel these days; it’s like in the sauna inside it – hot and humid. Crowds are gathered there, taking countless selfies. I was really impressed by how good Thais at organizing such crowded events. Lots of people usually volunteer at such activities. More than two million people have registered to be volunteers at cremation ceremonies around the country!  Some of them regulate people’s flows to avoid crush; others – give people free water or soup or noodle, some – menthol sticks to sniff if you feel dizzy. There is always a mobile toilet in a bus nearby. You cannot see any drunk or aggressive people at such events.

flower flag

flower park

lady with the king portrait

flower installation

flower tunnel

flower market

flower market 2

flower market 3

flower market elephant

thai guards

free soup

flower market


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