Khao Kheow open zoo: three years later

elephant in ray of light

This 200 acres Drive-Through Open Zoo is half-way from Pattaya to Bangkok. There are plans to make it 4 times bigger, so then it’ll be as easy as a pie to get lost there! I love good Zoos (hopefully Khao Kheow is still among them!), where animals feel at home. Three years later I came there again and found it a bit shabby. And I failed to locate my favorite meerkats!… Perhaps the best time to come here is early morning when the Zoo is still fresh and not tired of the visitors? While my meerkats were just away on a holiday?…  Anyway visiting a Zoo is always a lot of fun. Join us!

Antelope Gnu, or Wildbeest. They say it’s a very silly animal therefore is a regular food for African lions.

Who entertains whom?

Zebra. Short-sighted, but compensated by sharp hearing and smell. Black and white stripes serve as body temperature regulators.

Excuse my back!

Two gentlemen having a casual conversation

Siesta Time

A White Lioness and a Bear have been living together since they were cubs, raised by people. “The Jungle Book” in real life!

Change for the better in the Zoo: there have become fewer macaques, which were so numerous and aggressive beggars three years ago! Hopefully they are enjoying their new home somewhere!

It’s when your friend drank as much as you did but turned out to be a Weakling

When they hold their ears like this they all become Dumbo!

My personal discovery: elephants are very cleanly! Before eating the grass

They fling it a couple of times on their leg, shaking off the dirt!

And only then they eat it, clean! Elephants are amazing creatures…

Two machos started a duel for the Beauty’s heat

Her eyes are irresistible.. And worth a duel!

There was a lot of screaming and no fight – a show-off to impress their chicks!

When it’s hard to make out where is front and where is back! It’s the Anteater, by the way!

No one is perfect until you fall in love with them…. With this cheerful thought we said “Good-bye, Khao Kheow! See you again!”

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