Work with me

My professional skills and experience allow me to offer

  1. Intermediary services in Thailand

My customers have bought:  office paper and kids dresses, acrylic swimming pools and Thai cosmetics, sapphires and rubies, too! They’ve been treated for astigmatism and neurological diseases; have experienced eggs freezing, plastic and appendix surgery!

  1. Translation and interpretation

Tons of Birth, Marriage, and Divorce Certificates translated from Russian into English;

Business and legal contracts, technical surveys and records; geological reports, real estate site content, menus, advertisement brochures and catalogues, attractions catalogues, etc;

Consecutive interpretation at business negotiations, lawyer’s office, court, forums, conferences, meetings (health care system management, pharmacology, education, theme parks, business registration, etc).

  1. Custom-made tours

Individual comfortable routes to any destination in Thailand, assistance in choosing a cozy and stylish hotel, personal shopping guide.


  1. Personal trainer of English and Russian (for non-Russian speakers):

English language: more than 20 years of experience, including teaching and lecturing for students-linguists. My former students are living and working in Asia, Europe, the USA. My textbook is used in the course of Interpretation Studies for senior students of the School of Oriental Languages in Khabarovsk, Russia.

Russian language: private classes (Germans, Americans, Thais, Spanish and a Cuban have been my students);

Corporate classes (business Russian in tourism, commerce, hospitality services)